Somehow she always finds a way to keep me grounded~ love you, Abbs

Somehow she always finds a way to keep me grounded~ love you, Abbs

My favorite kind of morning

My favorite kind of morning

I’ve missed this.  (at Williams Bryce Stadium)

I’ve missed this. (at Williams Bryce Stadium)

"Morning Song" - Le Loup

The World is Continually Whispering to You

"Consider the Generosity of the One-Year-Old
who has no words to exchange with you yet,
and instead offers up her favorite drooled-on blanket,
her green rhinoceros as big as she is,
her cloth doll with the long blonde pigtails,
her battered cardboard books, swung open on their soggy pages,
her limitless heart.

If you were outdoors she would hand you a dead beetle,
a fistful of grass, a pebble,
by way of introduction or just because.
And if, a moment later, she wants it back,
it would be for the joy of passing
these simple symbols back and forth,
freely offered, freely relinquished,
This is me. Here is who I am. Oh.

In the same way, sun
drapes a buttered scarf across your face,
rose opens herself to your glance,
and rain shares its divine melancholy.
The whole world keeps whispering or shouting to you,
nibbling your ear like a neglected lover,
while you worry over matters of finance,
of “relationship,”
important issues related to getting and spending,
having and hoarding,
though you were once that baby,
though you are still that world.”

- Alison Luterman

BUNT - Journey (ft. Emma Carn)

Brings me back ~

It’s Been a While

Deep apologies for disappearing from the tumblr life for a while; I have been busy living beneath the pines of New Hampshire, doing some serious soul-searching, and making the transition back into the familiar (yet wonderfully new) college life. I have been informed that I must pick up the blogging habits again, for it keeps me socially engaged (yada, yada, yada). 

Nonetheless, here is an update on the Life of Caro:

Post-AmeriCorps experience, I had a little less than a week to spend at home with my family before I headed up to northern NH for a summer of being a big kid at Camp Mowglis. I unpacked from my year with AmeriCorps, re-packed, spent some quality time with my cat, appreciated how wonderful my parents are, and said goodbye to civilization for 8 weeks.

It never ceases to amaze me how grounded I feel the moment I return to the beautiful Newfound Lake in Hebron, NH. I always feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to spend my summers living outside, surrounded by the peace and comfort of the White Mountain National Forest.

In my mind, nothing quite compares: playing in the incessant rain, taking morning swims as the sun rises over the backdrop of NH’s rolling hills, building forts, getting covered in mosquito bites, running barefoot, terrifying thunderstorms, singing fight songs, camping on islands, hiking weekly, drinking excessive amounts of tea, making music with loved ones, experiencing sonder under the stars, pausing to stop the car and watch a sunset, meeting characters from across the world, teaching kids, learning from kids, having a family of brothers, and being a part of a rich, deep, strong community. Not to mention the absurdity of being one of the only females working at an all-boys summer camp… an adventure & a half.

To say the least, I had a pretty remarkable summer. On the eve of August 2nd, I arrived back at my house. With about 6 hours to spare until my flight out of Boston the next morning, I took a few deep breaths and mentally prepared myself for the transition that awaited me in South Carolina.

I have now been in South Carolina for about 3 weeks; moments filled with Resident Mentor training, meeting new people, preparing for classes to begin, welcoming the new freshman to USC, thinking about “time” and how I’d like to spend it, talking to mentors (new and old) in the process, applying for Study Abroad, turning 21, and getting re-adjusted to this whole “college” thing. All the while, trying to remember to march to the beat of my own drummer and remain anchored in my mindfulness.

It has been refreshing to take the time to reflect upon the past few months of my life, and there are many great adventures of growing and learning to be had in the future; near and far. 

A bientôt~


“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment."

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